Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Dun Stud Breeding

After many requests, we have decided to stand our phenomenal stud, WSR HESA DUNOFA LENA, 'Rooster'
at Desert Pines Equine Center in Las Vegas, Nevada 
for the 2015 Breeding Season!

Watch Rooster's roping runs on our YouTube page HERE!

Dakota Kirchenschlager rode 'Rooster' to assist him in qualifying  for multiple NFRs. Photo by Dan Hubbell 

Click HERE to read more on how 'Rooster' took home the coveted Salinas buckle at 7 years young. Brothers, Jason and Randon Adams, roping on their horses that are half brothers, both by our  HESA SONOFA DUN stud. We will also be standing this stud. Photo by Gene Hyder.
Russell Cardoza won over $20, 000 on 'Rooster' at the USTRC Finals, in Oklahoma City, and the duo became models for Cinch! Photo Credit: Cinch. 

Click HERE to see 'Rooster' & Cesar de la Cruz in the WNFR Resistol Commercial! 'Rooster' has been to the BIG SHOW! Watch this $20,000 dollar run!!!!! Cesar has bred his great mare, 'ANNIE', consecutively the past few years to 'Rooster'! I can't wait to watch their babies!

COVER BOY of  ProRodeo Sports News
'Rooster' had a $140,000 pay day at the 

#11 WSTR Finale in 2010 with Jason Vohs!!!

We could go on and on about all the NFR qualifications, Pro Rodeo Championships and huge jackpot wins but....Randon said it best, "Our studs speak for themselves!"

Prestigious Pedigree

                                                             HOLLYWOOD JAC 86
                                          HOLLYWOOD DUN IT
                                                             BLOSSOM BERRY
                                                              BONANZA'S CHAMP
                                        CHAMPS POCO GIRL
                                                               POCO HILL QUEEN

                                                              DOC BAR
                                        DOC O'LENA
                                                               POCO LENA
                                                               SOCK'S BANKER 
                                       SANDY SOCKS POCO
                                                                BUENO SHOWDOWN

$1,500 breeding fee
 collection fee ($275) & shipping

For a breeding contract and to invest in your future email us at
We are also standing HESA SONOFA DUN aka 'Rooster's DAD'

$1,500 breeding fee 
plus collection fee($275) and shipping  

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4x Heel Horse of the Year- Diesel

Cross B Photography
Diesel is the 2009 AQHA/PRCA Horse of the Year!!! He broke the record by winning 4 years in a row!! We are so thankful for Diesel! 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Farm-City Pro Rodeo Champion- Hermiston, OR

Randon & JoJo are the 2009 Farm-City Pro Rodeo Champions!!! They were 4.9 in the first round and 4.7 in the second round!!!! They won the first round, the second round, and the average!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

World's Greatest Roper Article

Randon is the 2009 Reserve Champion of the World's Greatest Roper!!
Article on WGR:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Corpus Christi Champions

Randon & Jojo tied the ProRodeo World Record with a 3.5-second run in Corpus Christi, Texas!!

Among their world-record tying run, they roped their second steer in 4.7 seconds, and won the average with an 8.2!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009